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For us in AleAnna, the exploration and production of natural gas – the main energy source with a low environmental impact – is not just a job. Our vision is to contribute building a future of truly sustainable and efficient energy resources, with utmost respect for the environment.

To achieve this goal, we can count on expertise, passion and eco-sustainability: these are the keywords that define us in our technical field.


AleAnna is an experienced company with solidly anchored values. Born in Matera, Italy – where its registered office is located – in 2005, AleAnna Resources established its operative office in Rome in 2011. Since then, the company has proven itself to be one of the most leading-edge businesses by choosing cutting-edge technologies for the research and production activities of underground hydrocarbon deposits, which are carried out in total safety.

An essential role in AleAnna’s successful operations is played by 3D seismic technology, which provides an unmatched accurate image of the subsoil thanks to its 3-dimensional coverage.

Moreover, 3D seismic technology optimises the research of hydrocarbons with non-destructive methods: it lowers the possibilities of drilling dry holes and it consequently limits the environmental impact of the entire process; which is equivalent to more sustainable and worthwhile activities. AleAnna Resources is a leading company in Italy for using this technology, with a collection of approximately 400 km2 3D geophysical data.


AleAnna Resources was born and grew up in Italy, but its heart beats up to the USA, in Delaware, where its Head Office – AleAnna Energy LLC – is located. Its major shareholder is the private, independent energy investment company Bluescape Resources. Besides Bluescape, there is also the Canadian BRS Resources, an E&P company with an important European presence, focused on producing natural gas in Italy.

This variety of experiences is shown by AleAnna’s selected team: a well-balanced mix which includes both experts and junior professionals who stand out for their skills, intellect, leadership, and aptitude for teamwork.

We share our technical expertise and constant research for sustainable development, as well as our great passion for what we do, which pushes ourselves to achieve and maintain high standards of performance, with utmost respect for the environment in which we work.


At AleAnna Resources, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, we provide a systematic approach to our projects, which includes:

–       using innovative and non-destructive technologies, such as the 3D seismic one;

–       following our industry’s best practices;

–       minimising the environmental impact of our activities for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons;

–       optimising waste disposal and developing cutting-edge technologies;

–       actively cooperating with local authorities, associations and workers.

Moreover, we firmly believe that the engagement and dialogue with local communities can lead us to valuable adaptations and results. For a more efficient and sustainable future, with utmost respect for the environment which surrounds us.

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